Thursday, August 21, 2008


Apparently, this is the 745th published post on this blog. I've been blogging for a while haven't I?

Not many of my endeavours last this long. I'm very pleased with how this blogging thing is turning out.

It's early in the morning and I spent the whole night up watching stuff on Nat Geo. There was a very nice short feature on food bloggers. I thought it was very nice. I particularly enjoyed each blogger's thoughts on why they started blogging. That's the beauty of blogging. It can be anything anyone wants it to be.

I also watched another feature about The Ark of The Covenant.

I haven't watched that much TV ever since I got on the internet.

I'm going to be working this evening. I really don't feel like it. All the enthusiasm I have for work has all but drained out of me. I haven't even transitioned all my stuff to the rest of the guys at work yet. I have one or two things that need to be handed over.

Despite the lost of enthusiasm, I'm going to miss my old job. Hopefully, I'll work with computers again in the future.

Someone left a comment on my last post that made me stop, think and laugh out loud. Something regarding adulthood.

I'm in my mid thirties and no, I don't feel like a so-called adult. It never occurred to me to stand up and declare myself an adult. Things have of course changed over the years but no, I haven't turned into my dad yet. I'll probably never will. I guess that's ok. I guess.

Suddenly, I wonder what all the other 35 year olds are up to. If someone had the necessary demographics data, how would an average 35 year old be like? I'd really like to know.

That's it for post number 745. And now, I will go back to watching MonsterQuest clips on my PC.

Have a nice day.

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