Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little Computers

Little, tiny notebook computers are getting very, very fashionable aren't they? Like the Inspiron 910 picture above. Or the Acer Aspire One. Or the HP 2133. Or the Asus EEE.

I guess the pricing of these little babies is one big, big factor why these things are getting popular. Many of them are in the sub RM2000 range. Very affordable for those of us who want a small, light computer to do basic stuff with like internet surfing and word processing. I've checked some of these out and I'm beginning to appreciate how convenient these things are.

My former gripe about tiny 8" notebooks is about the keyboard size. It's hard to type on a tiny keyboard. But having seen people use it, I guess I could get used to that. It's minor inconvenience to deal with when you consider how mobile these things are. At 8 inches wide, you could stuff it in an average sized handbag. Or a good sized pouch.

My colleagues have been talking about subnotebooks for awhile now. One of them recently bought a 10" FTec subnotebook. I haven't seen it yet. I bet it's cool!

I love gadgets. Especially computer related ones.

I don't plan to buy one since I already have my notebook AND my desktop but if I were to get one, I have a spec in mind already. 8", Atom processor, 120Gb hard disk (not a big fan of SSD storage, I like my hard drives to be big), 1Gb RAM at least, Bluetooth, WiFi.

I hope Dell comes out with an Inspiron 910 with a hard disk instead of SSD and 1Gb RAM. I'm sure they will consider this. Of the ones I've seen myself so far, the ones I like the most are the HP 2133 and the Aspire One. Yes, an Acer. I'm not an Acer fan but the Aspire One looks very sexy and has good specs at good price. I've also read reviews praising its build quality.

I was talking to a colleague just now and he is really thinking about buying one despite having a notebook already...

If I manage to find offshore work, I will definitely buy one.

Anybody buying a subnotebook soon? Take some pictures and inform me. I want to see. Better yet, we can lepak and I can have a hands on!

So, what do you think about teeny, tiny notebooks? Good? Bad? Ugly?


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