Sunday, August 31, 2008

Forty Five

I usually post this in September but I'm not sure if I can get internet access then so this goes up now.

I was out last night and I think this has been the quietest National Day eve I've ever experienced. I wonder why that is? To be honest, I didn't really feel all that festive either. Perhaps people are worried. Or are too busy. Or are feeling rather jaded.

I guess I'm in the later category. I can almost hear those accusations of being unpatriotic. No matter. I know what I am and what I feel.

Malaysia is such a young country aren't we? And yet she wants to grow up so fast.

Things are very uncertain these days. People are worried and fearful. Some people want to run away and emigrate. Other people want to hang the flag upside down.

I have my own fears too. I too think that the country isn't doing very well. But I didn't turn the flag upside down.

Our nation is not perfect. She has many strange quirks. Sometimes she isn't very sure of herself. She still doesn't quite know what she wants to become when she grows up. She isn't sure about the future.

But these are growing pains. She is changing. Change is always painful. She is still young. In time she will find her place. She can still be the great nation that she so desperately wants to be. But it will take time.

Our nation isn't perfect. But it's home. It's up to us to make home a better place.

Sit for awhile and think. This is the time to reflect and remember what it is to be Malaysian.

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