Friday, August 08, 2008

Too Far

See the picture?

It's a new computer shop in Wisma Saberkas. This particular shop is quite special. You can get Dell notebooks here. So if you feel like ordering a Dell notebook online but want to see it physically first, come here. Or you could just buy it here. The pricing is about the same at the moment.

I went on Wednesday and saw several Inspiron 1420 (my notebook!), a Studio 15, an XPS M1330 and an XPS M1530. The Studio 15 looks very nice indeed.

There is one thing that bugs me a little. I saw a sign in the shop that said something like "Cash n Carry". To my understanding, cash and carry might imply no warranty. I certainly hope that isn't true. Maybe I should ask them about it.

D'Mobile carries other brands as well. They had the Acer Aspire One which looks very interesting. And very small.

In other news, I was reading blogs as usual the other day and boy, the local blogging scene is full of anger lately. Mostly about petty issues. And it almost sounds like people are jealous of others. Or perhaps their resentments are justified? I'm sure they do feel that way.

Riding The Mellow and myself will take no part in this random hate mongering. There are many other things that deserve to be hated other than strange bloggers.

Anyway, some of these "haters" are downright sad. It's a pity.

I also notice with much chagrin that certain "influential" bloggers are displaying the Malaysian flag upside down. For those of us who doesn't know what an upside down flag means, it's a sign of distress. Like when you're fort is about to be attacked. Or a ship in trouble at sea and has no other communications.

I think this exercise is to convey the idea that this country is in distress.

I disagree vehemently with the idea of flying our flag upside down. In my opinion, these people have gone too far.

Yes, our country is in a struggle at the moment. Sure we have our problems. Yes, a lot of people dislike the government. But is it in enough "distress" to fly an upside down flag?

No. I believe for the most part everyday people in this country still have some measure of control over their own destinies.

To me an upside down flag means that we no longer have control and need help from others. We aren't in that kind of trouble. We can still help ourselves.

I guess some people are prone to some exaggeration. Or perhaps, they have a hidden agenda? Perhaps they have a political purpose? Or do they want to light a social powder keg? I can see how internal conflicts and civil war would benefit certain political bodies. That's how Malaysian politics work anyway. Malaysian political parties both government and opposition, live off this kind of conflict and try to surreptitiously encourage it. Of course they'll deny it but you got eyes and ears right?

This is not the main point today.

Once again, I completely and utterly disagree with displaying our flag upside down. We are not in that kind of trouble to merit that at the moment. Dissent is all well and good but leave the flag out of this.

You can hate the government but to screw around with the flag is just taking it way too far.

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