Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I've been looking at some engine treatment options to help save on fuel. One of my colleagues recommended Tufoil. No, I've never heard of it either.

Apparently, it's "The World's Most Efficient Lubricant". Hmm... I'm always very leery about product blurbs making outlandish claims like this. But I went to the website and everything looks pretty good.

But the thing that swayed me was my colleague's recommendation. So I went and bought a bottle yesterday and put it in when I got home. I'm supposed to add this when I do my oil change but since I did that last week and the oil is still new I added it in straight away.

The oil is a concentrate so it pours like chocolate mousse. Slowly.

So how's it working out so far?

This morning I drove to work as usual and the difference was obvious and immediate. One thing, there is suddenly no more lurching or jerking. You know, when the engine is cold it lurches when shifting gears or when you apply a lot of power suddenly. My car lurches like a bitch when it's cold. Or it used to anyway.

This makes sense. I know the lurching\jerking is caused by the mechanical lag that is in turned caused by metal to metal friction when the engine is cold. The oil in cold engines settles at the bottom of the engine and it takes a bit of time for it to circulate again. The lack of lurching means that the oil in my engine didn't settle. Or the Tufoil is sticking on all the moving parts. This is a good thing. Cold starts put a lot of stress on the engine and any reduction is good. And hopefully will extend its life.

Another nice thing was the overall smoothness. The "feel" is a lot nicer and there was no obvious dipping or surging like I used to get. There used to be this very obviously surging when I hit 2000rpm. I didn't get it this morning. It was smooth. Very smooth.

And the engine noise. Which was not as much as before. A lot less rattling.

All this after 12 hours.

As for the other claims, I'll find out more as I use the car. If it does half the things it claims, I'll be happy enough. The thing that I'm most concerned about and what made me try this out is my mileage. The box says it will improve mileage by 5% but on the website there are people who claim improvements of 10%-20%! I guess they're using old cars. 5% is fine for me.

In turned, I recommended this to another colleague this morning.

Well, I'm off tomorrow and I'll put the car through some more tests to see what else is different.

By the way, I haven't seen this stuff in shops around town so I guess people will need to order this online. Or contact the Malaysian distributor. The contact info can be found in the Tufoil website.

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