Monday, June 30, 2008

One Week No Blogee...

A hookah pipe.
We had some strawberry flavoured smoke while waiting for The Incredible Hulk to start.

Well, almost one week. Been very busy going out, watching movies sleeping late, playing submarine game and watching football.

Spain is victorious! I watched that match and it was pretty good. It wasn't the best football match ever. I spent the time flipping between the Euro 08 and a pretty good pirate documentary on the History Channel. At least I watched the goal. They could have been more goals. Marcos Senna came within inches of scoring later on to make it 2-0. Inches I tell you.

Anyone, I'm pleased. It was a dream final with all the stars on parade and in the end the more adventurous team won.

I watched some movies last week. On Friday night I watched The Incredible Hulk with Esther. It was great. Edward Norton was excellent. As well as Liv Tyler. The story was pretty good. The Abomination was an excellent villain. I enjoyed it very much. I was also pleasantly surprised by Lou Ferigno's cameo. Nice touch.

I'd watch it again. This was better than the first movie by quite some distance. Also the thing that happened in the end will please a lot of people. I sure of that.

Then on Saturday evening I went to watch Get Smart with a different group of friends. To be honest my expectations for this was very low. I've watched a lot of crap "comedies" in the last few months.

Get Smart was a lot better than I expected. It was also a lot longer that I expected too but this isn't a bad thing at all. It didn't drag at all. Plus it was very funny. I was very surprised that not many people were watching this with us. There were a lot of empty seats in the cinema. At least the small crowd we were with appreciated and understood all the humour.

Steve Carrell was perfect for this. The supporting cast was good also and The Rock added a little bit extra. Anne Hathaway was hot and wasn't just there to be eye candy.

One of the things that stood out for me was although Get Smart is a comedy it's also a full blown action movie as well. Usually for stuff like this, the balance tends to shift to one or the other. The got the mix right in this one. I thought it was great and I really enjoyed it.

It's been said that a sequel would be made if this one was successful. I really hope it is because I'd definitely be on for Get Smart 2. I loved this and I want to see more.

There's a bunch of other stuff I want to watch. Next, I want to watch Wanted and Hancock. And The Dark Knight of course.

Let's see what else I did.

I've been playing my sub game a lot. Doing good so far but it's getting a bit harder now later in the war. I got a new, bigger and faster boat but the enemy is more aggressive now.

I've been killed a bunch times. A lot of times I get depth charged to death and sometimes I get caught by planes on the surface. One time I lost a gun duel with a tanker. I decided to save my torpedoes and shell it instead. Usually, shelling a lone merchant ship on the high seas is pretty risk free. Not so that particular evening. I got hit real good.

Another time, I accidentally rammed a freighter. It was at night and foggy and I didn't see the ship until it was too late. Another time, I crash dived after a torpedo attack and promptly bottomed out and ground my boat. I forgot to check the water. Apparently, it was shallow.

Actually, a lot of crazy things happened in that game. I could write a bunch of entries about submarine stories. I haven't even mention things like duds, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere , torpedoes that circle and suicidal Japanese pilots.

Anyway, good game that Silent Hunter 4. Maritime folks would love it.

On Saturday night, I had dinner at Tomoe with Rin, Ivan and Shah. Japanese food is great. I haven't been to Tomoe in a while and it was nice to be back. It's too bad we can't indulge as often as we used to due to the prices of everything going up.

Overall, I had a pretty good week.

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