Saturday, May 24, 2008


That is a pint of Kilkenny Irish Beer. It's very good. It's 20 bucks a glass so it's not cheap but it's so good. It's an entire pint so I say the price is worth it. We had a really good time at The Cottage on Thursday night drinking this stuff.

Also, they had a promo that night. Buy three pints get another pint free. So we had quite a lot of this stuff. It was great. The perfect compliment to go with a very heated conversation about politics. It was fun.

I've had a decent enough few days. I got a haircut and what a relief it was. It's not really comfortable to keep hair long during these very hot times.

Speaking of relief, it's been raining. It's... well, a relief.

I'm supposed to go and fix another PC. I'm feeling rather lazy at the moment. Maybe later.

Last night I had another good evening teaching a friend of mine how to get the most out of his new notebook. He managed to snag an Acer Aspire 4940 for literally half price! I'm no Acer fan but I can recognize a good deal when I see one. That thing isn't even 2 months old yet and he managed to get it for RM1400. Brand new it would be worth 3k at least.

Really good spec too except for the RAM being just 1Gb. Apart from that it was a good spec.

Anyway, I do enjoy showing people how to use their new PC/notebook. My friend is a total noob so there's lots for me to show him.

Apart from all this, things are the same as they've always been.

Later I'm going off again to teach my noob friend more things about his PC. I might even remember to take a picture of it.

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