Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ahh Indy...

I watched the new Indy movie on Sunday night. It was great.

Indy. He's getting old. He's not as fast as he used to be. But damn he stills kicks ass. Fans of Indy with like this. I know I did. It's like a trip down memory lane.

It's great to see a new Indy movie after all these years.

Unlike some other people who saw this movie, I actually liked Shia Lebeouf in this one. Will he be the next Indy? I'm not sure how that would work. There is actually talk of another Indy movie sometime soon with Shia in the lead and Harrison Ford supporting him. I'll watch that but I'm not sure if that's going to be a good idea if it does happen.

So how is this movie compared to the previous ones? I really can't say. The memory is a bit faded these days and I haven't watched the other three in a long time. But one thing for sure, it isn't "bad" in any sense of the word. The important thing is the movie stayed true to the spirit of the series and no attempt was made to "update" it. It's new but it felt like watching an old school action movie. I highly recommend you watch this. It's fun.

I watched this at the Riverside Cineplex and not at Star. There was a power outage when I got there to buy tickets. The entire building was blacked out but at lifts were working and the cineplex had power. Unfortunately, the backup generators didn't power the airconditioning so we decided to skip it. Good thing the friend I was with remembered there was another show at the Riverside so we went. There weren't too many people with was nice.

I pity those people who bought their Star Cineplex tickets early. They either had to forfeit or watch the show in a sweltering hall. The smell wasn't that nice... I'm thinking maybe the management should've given options to refund the tickets instead of going ahead with the show.

Afterwards, me and Esther (my company for the evening) went to look for some place to sit. We wanted to go to Khatulistiwa but apparently it's being renovated. So we went to the Waterfront instead.

I haven't gone to the Waterfront in years. It was quite nice. There were many people about and the place looked cleaner than I remember it.

We hung out for a while. It was very refreshing.

That got me thinking. I know a few women friends who are considerably younger than me and they are great but that night I thought how great it would be if I had another single woman around my own age for company (or more...).

It's not just the age. Someone who I could talk to and who enjoys conversations as much as I do. Someone who has gone through similar growing up and life experiences as me and who isn't afraid to share and compare notes.

Like me and Esther were saying that, a person fitting the above description is kind of rare these days. A lot of people behave more... stereotypically. I sound like an elitist like that but I don't know how else to say it. I can hang out with anyone really. As long as they speak up. I can't stand people who are too quiet. They're hard to fathom and that makes me nervous. I can carry a conversation well enough but that needs two or more people to work.

I don't like people who are too conservative either. Nor do I like people who are too secretive. Or too intense. Or incapable of empathy.

You'd think it's very easy to talk. But no, not many people can "talk" the way I mean it. It's hard to explain but I get bored really fast if I'm with someone who won't/can't have a conversation with me.

Hmm, this post is deviating.

In conclusion, I had a great evening and Esther and I will definitely be going to watch movies again this summer season.

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