Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I read the papers just like any other person and sometimes I come across stuff that I really can't understand.

Like the Malay Regiment having a detachment doing ceremonial duties at the Windsor Palace. I thought this was a good thing. An honour given to one of our most veteran units. I myself was thrilled about this. Unfortunately there are people in this country who miss the point entirely.

How is this prestigious assignment considered demeaning? Thankfully, there are people who do get it.

Yet another sign of people not understanding culture. That's what happens when you don't read any books at all. Ok I'm just speculating but seriously, it's hard not to notice the lack of cultural thought and intellect in many locals.

Another thing that many people don't get is why we need to beef up our military. Left wingers especially love complaining about this especially about the cost. Well, these people don't get how a strong military helps with international relations and strategic posturing. Especially important for Malaysia since we are involved in some very important territorial disputes.

Without a strong military presence how do we strengthen our position. Some people will say this type of tour de force is unnecessary and all we need is to negotiate. Sorry but people who believe that alone is enough are incredibly naive. Just like people who say that love is all you need in a marriage.

Anyways, I like our armed forces and it fills me with pride when I see RMAF fighter aircraft in the sky over Kuching. Whenever they are here anyway.

That's the problem with ideals. I was once quick an idealistic chap as well what with my ideas of justice, fairness and all that white knight in shining armour stuff. Sounds good on paper but later on I find that the world isn't an ideal place and being too idealistic is only going to disappoint you when you see that it doesn't work half the time.

I've learnt the hard way that one needs to be pragmatic as well as idealistic to live properly. The world is what it is with all the shit that goes on but we can live in it quite nicely. Provided we see it for what it is not for what we think it should be.

Hmm, I have noticed that this post and the last one is quite random, quite long and quite rambly. This is what happens when I get in the mood.

Anyway in other news, I'm so glad it rained this evening. The last few days it was so hot it was ridiculous. Not a good thing if you need to work at night and sleep during the day.

I'm off work tomorrow and I will definitely be writing again. I haven't finished rambling yet...

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