Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Five Minutes

is what I have to post this.

I have to rush of for a seminar afterwards. Looking forward to that. I wish people would send me to more of the same. At least I can get out of the office. It can get claustrophobic here at times.

It's a cold morning. What a relief. Tomorrow I'm off work. A bigger relief.

I was checking my blog counter just now and yet again the name of an old friend came up in the keywords section. Can't say I'm surprised. She made quite an impression on a good number of people while we were in college.

I read many blogs and the sheer volume of photographs in some of those blogs amaze me. I must commend their authors for their patience and their diligence in putting them up.

I take many pictures myself but somehow I feel too lazy to post them. It's something about the posting of photos and arranging them in my posts that seem to bother me. Hence I don't do it much. I find it rather tedious. I don't like tedium.

Need to work on that. Some of the photos I've taken are worth an entire post all by themselves.

While driving to work this morning, again my mind wanders a bit. And again, I wonder why is it so hard for us to walk away from something that clearly isn't good for us. I guess that's a very human flaw indeed.

In the end, it's a choice. A hard choice but a choice nevertheless.

I could write a very long post about choices and the difficulty in making them. But not this morning.

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