Thursday, April 17, 2008

Under The Weather

... is what I'm feeling at the moment. Having a bit of a sore throat at the moment. Fortunately, I went to deal with it before it flared up into a full blown flu/fever like it normally does. It's a good thing I'll be taking a day off this week.

Hopefully today will pass by quickly and quietly.

I got C&C 3: Kane's Wrath. I like it. I particularly like the Global Conquest game mode. It's like a C&C game of Risk where you have you bases around the world and build armies and move them around the map to fight the other factions. After setting up the game this mode was the first thing I tried.

The expansion also features many new units which are very cool, like walkers and attack helicopters. There's a lot of other stuff too. I like the new stuff. Unfortunately, the computer likes all the new stuff too. Last night I was playing a battle in Global Conquest and I got creamed by a new Nod faction with all their new toys... That's the other thing, did I suddenly suck more at single player or did the AI get upgraded?

Still, should be a very entertaining diversion while I try to recover from my under-the-weatherness.

There isn't much else going on at the moment apart from this. Oh yes, Dell is finally releasing an affordable 13.3 inch notebook in May, the Dell Vostro 1310. Should be very cool to see.

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