Saturday, April 05, 2008

Live Free or Die Hard

Better than the last one. I enjoyed that one too but this one edges it just a little bit.

Meanwhile, am at work and kinda busy. Nothing important to talk about this week.

There's stuff to do next week. Need to set up wireless network for someone so I'll be out getting quotes for the necessary equipment. This is a good thing. Extra money will be helpful.

I'm playing Tiberium Wars again. In full detail this time. Looks gorgeous with graphics settings set to max and anti aliasing on. My investment in a new graphics card in December is really paying off big time!

I also discovered that my Inspiron 1420 can also play some games I thought it wouldn't be able to handle. Like Tiberium Wars, although I need to dial down the graphics settings a bit. Still nice enough to play though so that's fine. I didn't buy the notebook for gaming anyway...

The Pikom PC fair is this week. Unfortunately, I can't go because of work.. No big deal I guess, I have enough computer stuff at the moment and I honestly don't know what else to buy.

In conclusion, life is still like that. I'm just going through routine stuff at the moment.

To be honest, I actually felt like writing one of my highly entertaining (or is that highly exasperating?) introspective posts about myself but for the life of me...

... I couldn't think of anything.

Very sorry folks, Riding the Mellow is rather dull these days with its complete lack of drama.

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