Saturday, April 19, 2008


At Colours right now. The place isn't bad at all. I remembered last time some of my friends didn't really like it here.

So far so good. Free wi-fi, nice ambience, the menu is ok too.

Feeling much better now. On Thursday I took some flu medication at work. The pills caused drowsiness, making for a rather... "challenging" day at work. At least it worked as advertised.

I was at Zack's house last night to reconfigure his wifi router. Ended up staying until 2 in the morning. There was vodka. And general merrymaking and jokes galore. And many notebooks waiting for the wifi be set up.

Tomorrow I have another computer related errand at the church.

Yep, these days aren't as dull as some other days.

Playing C&C3: Kane's Wrath at the moment. A lot harder than the original C&C3...

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