Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I received some groan inducing news last week. One of our colleagues is quiting. While we look for his replacement, the rest of us will have to work extra days/nights to cover his shift. After that we'll have to start training the replacement which will probably mean even more work.

At least I get overtime. I expect to get lots. I suppose that's a good thing even though I still cringe at the thought of all the extra work.

And so, to console myself I went ahead and bought a..err...console. On Sunday, I went and got me a PS2. Yes, after a hiatus of 16 years I finally bought a gaming console.

It was damn cheap too. Full set, plus extra controller and memory card, RM610/-

So far as is obvious, I'm having a blast playing GT4. No doubt about it, the Gran Turismo series is still the most authentic driving sim ever. I expect to be playing it a good long while. The game features 700+ cars from over 80 manufacturers.

Ace Combat Zero is a lot of fun too. I also have Tekken 5, Mortal Combat Armageddon and 2 Winning Elevens. And Tiger Woods' PGA Tour 08. I've been playing GT4 and Ace Combat most of the time.

It's quite nice to finally have a console again. I really like the idea of not having to install your game before playing it.

Life's been pretty good.

To ensure that my quality of life remains good, this afternoon I went and transfer nearly all my savings into my ASB account.

Excuse me, I have visitors. Continue later.

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