Friday, September 28, 2007

A Good Start

I've been meaning to write about this a long time actually. As usual, I got distracted by sundry social activities.


Thanks Yasmin. As usual, you come up trumps with stuff like this.

As an Iban person, I'm pleased with this. Despite some problems with the language, it's a good start. The grammar is correct but the accent is wrong. You can't tell which Iban regional accent is being used. That's a big deal for us actually.

I guess Yasmin didn't have the luxury of time to get help with that.

Hopefully, the next time someone makes an ethnic commercial they can do it more authentically.

Lots of comments here, some less than positive. While I would suggest that we take the whole thing in perspective and recognize the work for what it is, I do understand why some of us react the way we do.

Obviously, everyone who is proud of their own culture and people wants to see an authentic representation of that culture in the mass media. Especially us Ibans as you can see.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the advert. I loved it really.

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