Friday, October 26, 2007


.... I was so exhausted over the last week, I went to see a doctor about it. See, I was experiencing some brain shocks (for lack of a better term) where I would feel like blacking out for a split second. According to the doc, that was a symptom of fatigue.

I don't have those shocks anymore after a few days rest. Ok one day rest. Yes, I'm at work again. Next month I'll have another 3 days of overtime to replace a colleague who's leaving while we train his replacement.

Thankfully enough, I have this weekend off so that's nice.

My original copy of FM2008 arrived in the mail yesterday. I was surprised at how fast it arrived..

Which is a good thing. I downloaded the game to try it out the other day and apparently, cracked versions of the game have quite a weird bug involving the European Championships. Hmm.

Unfortunately, that's not the only bug. The biggest, game killing-est one of all is the closing down bug which makes your players not want to take the ball of opponents. It sucks frankly. Especially now that I actually paid money to buy the original game...

Well, that's what happens when your publishing company wants a product to be out and such and such date, regardless of bugs and unresolved issues.

Despite all this, FM is still a fine game however. Especially now that the beta patch is out.

I also installed back Sims 2 again. And I'm also still playing Gran Turismo 4.

Considering how grueling October and November are, I'm glad I have this distractions...

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