Monday, October 22, 2007

FM Bebeh

I couldn't wait.

I ordered my copy of FM2008 from recently. But last night I thought what the hell. So I went and downloaded it.

How is it? Apart from one annoying bug (that fortunately has a simple workaround) it's bloody awesome. It's definitely much better than FM2007. It's much faster too in terms of running speed.

I now manage Northwich Victoria FC. It's a steep learning curve. The team is quite poor and the board expectations are a little.... ambitious shall we say, given the resources available. The match engine has changed and I have to relearn the whole thing again.

Despite the difficulties and the initial confusion I'm loving all the little details. For the first time, my assistant manager, coaches and scouts are actually helpful. This time around they actually provide me with feedback about my players.

In short, it's great. I'll be playing this for awhile for sure.

In other news, please check out Releaselog for your... errr... warez requirements.

I'm at home now and I'm tired. I intend to sleep my brains off after posting this.

Good night.

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