Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blacked Out

There's no power at my house at the moment. Apparently, SESCO has decided to do some kind of maintenance work today. The power will be out until 6.00pm. It's a good thing I have many errands to run.

It was very boring at home just now. All of the things I do involve electricity it seems.

At Coffee Bean right now. Haven't been here in a long while. Very quiet here which is not surprising since it's fasting month. The network speed is very good, again probably because not many people are here now.

Damn, I wish this damn notebook had a 6 cell battery instead of a measly 4 cell.


I bought Medal of Honor: Airborne just now. Really looking forward to it. When the power comes back of course. Haven't played a good shooter in a long, long time. I'm actually thinking about skipping tonight's appointment.

Another thing I did has something to do with FM2007.

Just for a lark I started a game where I manage Man Utd. See here's the thing. I hate Man U. Really, really. So one can imagine my surprise when I find that I'm actually enjoying managing them. I also suddenly notice that their 2006/2007 squad is very thin when compared to some of the rivals in the Premier League.

Doing quite well at the moment. With my recently discovered understanding of the game's tactical side, my Man U have the meanest defense in England. Hehe. We don't score many goals but we don't concede a lot either.

As one can tell, I'm talking about games. That means life is quite uneventful at the moment. Even at work. Things have calmed down and going back to normal.

Oh yeah, I got slightly ill last few days. Goddamned flu. I guess that's the most exciting thing that happened to me recently.

On Saturday, I go to my final appointment with The Doc. I haven't had any meds in the last 4 days. I feel perfectly fine. No sign of anything coming back.

I feel quite good about that.

Ok then, excuse me while I finish my Southern Blend Iced Tea. Have a good day.

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