Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last week, my wireless card died.

Right now I'm using a USB RT73 WiFi adapter, running a Ralink chip. It's not bad. I've had some misgivings about USB WiFi adapters before especially how stable it is when it gets hot. I'll find out soon. I'm wondering how long it will last. My PCI one lasted 14 months. Only.

Well, at least the USB adapter was kind off cheap.

Leon's Vostro 1500 arrived on Monday. It's a plain ole black notebook. Very OEM looking. Very businesslike and not at all flashy like some other notebooks out there. However...

... clocking in at RM4500++ his plain Jane Vostro is a rocket. With 5+ hours of 9 cell battery life. On max performance. 160Gb 7200rpm hard disk. 2 Gb dual-channel RAM. 2Ghz Core Duo. TrueLife 15.4" display. GeForce 8600GT dedicated graphics card.

That thing is actually a lot faster than both our desktop PCs.

I want one too... Dammit.

Of course not at RM4500 obviously. I already got my spec set up. It'll cost RM3400+.

Must find more work. Incidentally, I got a call back this Sunday so that's going to help a little.

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