Sunday, September 09, 2007

Boring Sunday

It's very boring today. In some ways I'm relieved. I'm not quite as busy as I was over the last three days. Most people have already been set up with their new mail settings for the new company.

Things are beginning to settle down here. Most of the initial panic surrounding our takeover has subsided especially after the people started getting their new letters of appointment. I guess they finally believe that the new company is NOT out to rip them off and turn them all into undead slaves.

I laugh when I remember all them rumours.

Anyway, I'm still bored. I wish I had brought my notebook to the office. I could have played FM2007. No I don't feel like doing any research work today.

In lieu of FM, Facebook will have to suffice.

Talking about FM, I may have finally gotten the tactical side of the game down finally ater 1 year of playing it. Can't wait for the new FM to come out. I plan to buy the original.

Tomorrow I don't have work. I'm relishing the thought of waking up late.

Well, apart from the takeover thing there ain't much else to write about. Things are relatively quiet.

Oh yes, there is one thing. I'm starting to taper off my meds. No side effects and no relapse so far. In fact, last week I forgot to take my pills three days in a row. No ill effects at all.

Whisper it quietly, but I'm I'm almost certain that I have beaten my demons. Permanently.

Here's to hoping.

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