Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quiet Holiday Soon

I received mail from an old friend just now. It's always nice to hear from old friends. She is doing well and our other friends are ok as well. Always nice to hear that.

A few days ago, I bought a Sonic the Hedgehog DVD. I'm glad to report that it works. I've been looking for a working Sonic emulator for ages. It's got all the Sonic games too. Lots of fun.

I also tried to play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion recently. It's nice and all, but it's in 1st person and I get motion sickness from it so I can't play it for long without stopping. The game is huge though so it should occupy me for a while. Hopefully, I get used to it and the motion sickness goes away.

I could try playing it in 3rd person view, but I can't get used to it. Which is a shame because the graphics are awesome.

I'm back at work this week and it's graveyard shift again. I don't look forward to it at all. At least the Gawai holidays are coming and I'm off work as I usually am every year.

Strangely enough, I'm not really looking forward to it as much as I used to. There's potential for parties and other fun things, but I feel like skipping all of that this year. I'll probably just visit 2 maybe 3 people and spend the rest of the time hanging out with friends as usual.

We're supposed to go and watch Pirates 3 this week. This one I'm looking forward to.

I'm hoping for a quiet holiday with a small group of friends. There won't be any drunken hijinks this year...

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