Sunday, May 13, 2007

Overdue Entry

Jerome passed me a DVD full of SNES ROMS on Friday night. I've got so many little games now. Literally hundreds of them.

It's great. Very entertaining.

Talking about entertainment, yesterday I watched Just Follow Law. A good movie. Very funny, although I imagine you need to be either Singaporean or Malaysian to fully appreciate the unique local flavour.

I also finally watched Dead Man's Chest. It was everything I expected it to be. Didn't let me down. Really looking forward to watch At World's End. Should be a cracker for sure.

Haven't watched Spidey 3 yet. Probably next week.

All in all I had a decent enough week.

Yesterday was also the day for my follow up appointment with the Doc. Talked for awhile, discussed a few pharmaceutical matters. It was a good, informative session. The Doc is a really nice guy, very soft spoken and not at all intimidating like some doctors I've gone to previously.

I don't enjoy going to a clinic/hospital at all, but the Doc is helping with that.

Treatment is still ongoing at least another month. So far so good, things are improving over time. We'll see in a month.

Yesterday, I was reading some of my older entries. Many have a little too much drama in them. So much drama, it made me cringe.

It was one of those rare times I wanted to pull them all down and pretend I never wrote them. But this morning, I thought better of that. Cringe or no cringe, those entries are part of who I am. I suppose I have to live with it along with the consequences.

But unlike before I have something to look forward to now. This is not the time for regrets. The future may hold good things yet and perhaps all will be worth it at the end of the road.

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