Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Nice Weekend

I had a nice weekend.

Yesterday, we went up to Singgai to visit Will. It was fun. It rained earlier in the day but happily it stopped by the time we got there. There is a stream not far away. We spent most of the late afternoon there.

In the evening, we just sat around drinking beer and playing UNO. It was fun.

Talking about fun, I downloaded a bunch of Nintendo emulators recently together with something like 180 games. It's brilliant especially the SNES emulator and the Nintendo ROMs. It's such a coincidence that I also recently bought a gamepad to play FIFA07 with. Those emulators and ancient games will make sure the gamepad is going to be well used.

Because I have so many games to wade through, I only discovered that I had Super Mario All-Stars this morning. It's a remake of all the original Mario games. I'm playing the remake of Super Mario Brothers. Maybe this time around I'll actually finish the game!

I also have Contra 3. And Super Bomberman. And Streetfighter Z! Ahh the joys of revisiting the distant past...

I really like the SNES emulator. I remember thinking how awesome would it be to own an SNES when it first came out. And now I have it. Unfortunately, I don't know many SNES games. I bet that'll change soon.

There is a torrent file somewhere out there that contains 1.7Gb worth of various Nintendo ROMs. I'm seriously thinking about downloading it.

So yeah, I have a lot of stuff to play around with. It's awesome.

Oh yes one final thing that is completely off topic.

While we were at Will's house, some of the household was watching Inul Daratista videos. I found it strangely... compelling. I remember reading some news a while back about some of her "provocative" choreography.

After watching the videos, I can understand how it would bother some people. There are Inul videos on YouTube. Watch them and see what I'm talking about.


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