Thursday, March 01, 2007

WoW Rant (Mostly)

I had wanted to write earlier this week about things like tactless WoW players who expect everyone to be as "hardcore" and "knowledgeable" as they are while completely ignoring tactical suggestions because of the fact that other players are not as "hardcore" as it were, but I chose to hold back and write after I have calmed down sufficiently.

Which is today, since said event happened 2 days ago.

Anyway, tactless WoW players. If you go to the WoW forums and run dungeons and group quests in the game enough, you will know that there are many of these socially inept, rude, grammatically challenged, basement dwelling, munchkin troglodytes around. I've also discovered that as you level yourself up, they become more and more common. Which is no surprise really.

Most casual players I know don't powergame as much.

Anyway, when I think about how some MMO players behave and the general chaos on internet
forums, is it any wonder that some people write books about computers concluding that the human race is bad for the planet and therefore must be eliminated?

Because it's true sometimes. This world is a beautiful place, except for the humans in it. People are just really, really bad.

Anyway, I have digressed. Back to WoW now.

I also encountered 2 more types of players in WoW, The Beggar and The Tourist.

Now, what The Beggar is is quite obvious. He begs. For money. And equipment. And assistance for things that he should be able to do himself if he was arsed enough to do it. It is of course perfectly okay to ask for help. But some players ALWAYS ask for money/stuff when they see you. And usually type their appeal in a very badly spelled, "leet" kind of way.

It gets annoying after the 3rd consecutive day.

The Tourist?

He wants to see all the cool places and all the cool creatures who drop all the phat lewts relative to his lowish level. But he can't go there because the creatures/enemies there are like 27 levels above him and will wallop him dead in 0.05 seconds. Usually, Tourists are low level and the world of Warcraft (as well as many other MMO universes) is set up in such a way that some areas are just too dangerous for low level guys.

Anyway, so what can he do about it? As soon as you log on with your level 20-ish toon, he will send you a private message asking you to log out and log back in with your uber-ish level 58 character. This is so that you can spend the next 2 and half hours walking him through a dungeon. Or taking him on a guided tour to see (and kill and loot) things like dragons and whatnot in more dangerous parts of the world.

In other words, you exist to help him and only that. Who cares about leveling your own toon. Usually I don't mind helping and doing stuff for other players who are lower level than me. Countless players have gotten free stuff from me. Or be saved by me. Or be buffed by me. And countless other players have done the same to me.

But if people ORDER me to do it as if I'm their butler, it gets annoying.

I could also write about the stereotypical munchkin "hardcore" power gamer who looks down on you because you're a casual noob and because you don't spend 40 hours a week raiding, but thousands of words have been written about people like that. So I won't do that.

Besides, this is the worst type of MMO player and it just pisses me off to think about it.

And there goes my WoW/MMO rantage for this week. Despite all this, I'm still playing but I've decided to be a little bit more careful with players I group with. I don't pay USD14.99 a month to be aggravated by thoughtless people.

Anyway, after that unfortunate spat of incidents earlier in the week I haven't played WoW much over the last 2 days.

First thing, I discovered the glorious wonder of a game that is Company of Heroes! It's bloody brilliant. And the graphics have to be seen to be believed. I haven't finished playing it (and this post is getting a little long) so I'll write about it next time.

The second thing?

The eagle-eyed amongst you would notice that I used the word "munchkin" in this post. Twice.

Jerome came back from Singapore with a gem of a card game. And let me tell you, Munchkin is absolutely brilliant. And evil. And has many expansions that I want to buy!

I'm actually looking forward to playing it more than WoW when I get off work.

I'll also write about that next time. Now I will go and contemplate helping boost our game of Munchkin with some expansions of my own...

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