Thursday, March 22, 2007


Like what the title says, I haven't been online most of the last week aside from downloading some bits of music and patches for the games I play. I haven't even played WoW much. Been playing Company of Heroes instead. What a fine game that is.

The extra time off work has been quite refreshing. All I did was play games, read all my old Stephen Ambrose books, watched Nat Geo and generally just lazed around. I didn't even read the paper which is nice actually.

It's near the end of March so it's that time of year where I spend a whole mass of cash on car insurance. It sucks but it's necessary.

No, I don't have much else to write about unfortunately. Life in general is very quiet and I appreciate how trouble free it is at the moment when I remember how bad it used to be.

Things sure have changed and thank God for that.

This is quite a short blog entry and hopefully I'll find something interesting to write about soon. Or does anyone have any suggestions?

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