Sunday, March 04, 2007

Something Cool I Found

I was reading random blogs and found this.

I never imagined that red giants were THAT big in relation to the sun.

I have one night of work to go. I'm extremely tired.

Overall, this week was fine. Nothing to report and nothing to complain about. I've even gotten over that thing that happened in WoW.

Actually, there was something that happened at home but I think it's in my best interest to keep that kind of thing where it belongs i.e at home and in private.

In other news, about 10 days ago my dad was asking me about notebook PCs and how much they cost and etc. I showed him a few things and quotes from shops I go to and also the Dell website.

Two days ago, a Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook arrived at the house. I was quite surprised. My dad isn't the type to buy stuff on a whim, especially stuff that costs RM2500++. Anyway, everyone was quite excited.

The notebook is quite nice. Its CPU is the AMD Turion64 MK-36 2.0Ghz. 15.4 widescreen XGA display, which is very cool indeed.

I quite like the silver case with white trim. It has adequate space for my regular usage (80Gb) and it has a DVD burner. The built in speakers were impressively loud and clear but not as bassy as I would've liked it.

The bag that came with it is very nice as well. I also used it to test my wireless coverage by walking around the house with it. I'm quite pleased to see that my signal strength is good and constant even outside the house and behind walls.

The notebook does have its drawbacks however.

It came with only 512Mb RAM which is enough if you use Windows XP. The notebook however, came with Windows Vista Home edition so one can imagine how long it takes to boot up. I've tweaked the hell out of it and can only get maybe .25 seconds off the boot up time.

All in all, a pretty decent notebook with a ultra low price. Very good bang for buck.

On the whole, having the notebook is a pleasant surprise and it also allows me to get familiar with Vista before I think about using it on my own PC.

If only it was powerful enough to handle WoW...

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