Friday, February 02, 2007

Dead Torrents\D&D DM\Scudetto

Sometimes, it's hard to log on to Blogger. Like earlier this evening. And late last night.

My torrent problem is unsolvable. I tried a localhost proxy server and that allowed me to actually connect to a torrent tracker without having the connection reset after 2 seconds but my speed is still zero.

I'm going to give that a rest for a while.

Besides, I've discovered alternative ways to get downloads. While it is slower that using bit torrent, it should be enough for a while.

In other news, my friends and I are very sad because our resident Dungeon Master has decided to move to Singapore due to family and employment commitments. We wish him the best.

Of course that leaves us with a bunch of eager roleplayers with no DM.

I did mention in an earlier post that I was contemplating about running a game didn't I? So I've decided to try it.

So, I've been doing some reading and research the last few days. Those DM shoes are really big to fill I've discovered. The devil is in the details. Underneath the game is a whole load of rules that makes everything work.

It's all quite daunting. And that's just the game mechanics. I haven't mentioned the fact that a DM needs to think of a story to place the game in.

So yes, it's very daunting. At the same time, I'm quite excited. I have a rough idea of what I need to do so this isn't exactly a stab in the dark, unlike some of the other things I've done.

We'll probably start prepping properly next week when I'm off work. This is going to be fun. Hopefully.

Wish me luck then.

Meanwhile in my Football Manager 2007 Juventus game, I've just won my first Scudetto after a titanic struggle against the two Milan teams. I won it on the last day. On the third last round, we had managed to somehow lose to a relegation threatened Atalanta side and fell behind 2 points with two games left to play.

Both remaining games were against bottom sides for both us and Milan. I was thinking the title is lost, no way is Milan going to lose to Modena and Rimini. Even if we did win our own two final games at Catania and Modena (oddly enough) we'd still be 2 points behind.

We went on the road and as expected beat Catania 2-0. To my shocked delight, I noticed that Modena had somehow managed to hold Milan to a 1-1 draw. Advantage back to me and Juve, 1 point on top.

So in the last game of a rather difficult season, all I had to do was beat Modena at home.

We beat them 7-1.

Such a sweet victory but to be honest I felt kind of sorry for Modena. By losing to us, they got relegated back to Serie B. If only I did better in my other competitions. I got knocked out of the Champs League by Chelsea and the Coppa Italia by Inter...

Ahh Football Manager, a sports management sim so realistic it also models the hair tearing frustrations that real managers feel. Being at a top team doesn't make it any easier...

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