Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Good Dream...

... is as good as anything when you need a lift.

But first...

... The last few days I've been furiously experimenting on my PC. To my dismay, I've discovered that TMNut, our belover Internet Service Cartel Provider has not only capped P2P and BitTorrent speeds but has recently resorted to shutting down communication with overseas torrent trackers.

Which means that it's impossible to download anything via BitTorrent.

I've looked through various forums and according to some posters who took the trouble to ask Telekom, the usage capping was done ostensibly to save the already limited bandwidth due the that earthquake last month.

I have a bad feeling that TMNut won't unshackle tracker communications even after full capacity restoration.

I just have this feeling in my gut.

I'd like to know how the hell would World of Warcraft players receive their updates when they can't use BitTorrent?

I've also read somewhere that TMNut has started blocking iTunes, of all things. Is that true? Some verification would be nice.

Maybe I'm just being my cynical self, but despite all those posters on various forums writing in and complaining I seriously doubt TMNut big wigs will give a shit. We're not corporate users so...

If they did care enough, they would've done something a long time ago.

What can you do, as long as the TMNut monopoly lasts this is how things are going to be.

Enough of complaining today then.

Anyway the dream.

It was great. I can't remember what it was really about. All I could remember was that I was happy. And there was somebody there with me.

Even more interesting was the fact that that person actually exists.

Unfortunately, that person is very extremely unavailable in real life.

This is me after all, with my unhealthy proneness to being attracted to women who are impossible to have relations with. Is anyone even remotely surprised?

So it's kind of a good thing that I don't really feel (and have never felt) like THAT for her in real life. It would be rather awkward if I ever did.

Oh well. I refuse to dwell on that. A lift is a lift and this morning I felt great because of it. Perhaps it was God giving me a break and letting me sample what happiness might be like. If it was, I appreciate it. It was nice.

Meanwhile back on the Material Plane, life goes on as it usually and inexorably does.

I have one more day of work tomorrow.

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