Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Template\More Magic Bullets

Just upgraded the template. You will notice some minor differences if you look closely. Overall, I'm happy with the new widget-based template editing. Takes the headache and intimidation of trawling through lines of code.

Blogrolling seems to be down. What a bummer. I have links I wanted to add/remove.

Oh yes before I forget, I read this nice article about Hang Tuah and how they are actually TWO parts to his story and not just the one where he kills his best friend because the Sultan asked him to.

Read it here. I'm suddenly quite interested to read the other half myself.

Anyway, apart from that things are pretty much normal right now.

I felt much better after the rant in the last post. A visitor suggested a link to Cultivate Greatness, which was a nice gesture. Some of the stuff on the website is quite good reading.

There is something that I want to say about inspirational or self help stuff though.

Of course it's a good thing and it helps. Sometimes. But sometimes, self help literature can be very vague at best or very cliched at worst. I sometimes wish I could find something more specific and definitive to the things that ail me. I'm sure a lot of people would want more specific advice about getting over their issues.

Like the self esteem issue for example. The most obvious bit of advice would be "have confidence in yourself". But how exactly does one get that confidence. Surely it can't be pulled out of thin air and surely it can be as simple as snapping ones fingers and proclaiming,"I'm confident!" I think that method is called "being delusional"

I've looked around and again, no one seems to have a definitive method to boost self confidence. I'm aware that each case is different and different methods have different results for different individuals. But I'm thinking surely there must be some things that are true for all cases. Surely there must be a common initial step that one can take. Preferably without wiping out your life savings by doing pro therapy in the process.

Yeah, I guess I'm still looking for the magic bullet. I'm also probably going to get a lot of stick for this, by wanting a so-called "easy" solution. In my defense, I don't care whether it's "easy" or "hard". I just want some kind of tangible answer, a shove in the correct direction, if you will.

Self esteem isn't the only issue that doesn't seem to have a black and white solution. I could write an entire separate blog about each and every question I have about a lot of things.

Perhaps I'm just too blind to see. Or too thick to find the answers. Perhaps this is my so-called "Cross"?

Anyway having said all of that, things aren't as bad as they used to be. It used to be a LOT worse. I feel I'm getting better all the time. I just wish I would get better faster before I'm too old to really enjoy my life.

Tomorrow I get off work so I don't think I'll be posting.

Oh and yesterday I found a blog belonging to someone my brother used to go out with. It was very.... unsettling to read.

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