Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Countdown? Countdown What?

The full horrors of the broadband meltdown struck me early yesterday morning. I spent half the day fielding calls from panicked people who can't receive/send stuff and who are cut off from our other offices which are overseas.

It's fun to be tech support. Really.

I also noticed that many people got rather unwell this last week. Myself included.

For the first time in many, many years (four to be exact) I did not participate in your usual New Years' Eve merry making. I slept. I had to since the next day was a working day and I had to get up at 5 bloody am as usual.

Plus, gastric was still there making me quite uncomfortable.

Anyway, as it turns out missing out on the so-called countdown didn't really bother me all that much. Not as much as it used to. The last time I missed New Years' Eve, I got very sad.

Working on the 1st didn't ruin my mood either. In fact, oddly I feel quite elated for no reason at all.

Maybe it has something to do with the 1st day of the new year. Yesterday, I felt like a great weight had lifted off my shoulders and I felt quite alright despite the flurry of panicked phone calls that I mentioned earlier.

The cynics would insist that the 1st of January is just one day in the year with no actual, material significance. That may be so but is it really? Perhaps deep down I'm thinking,"Finally, a chance for a fresh start. Time to close the book on last year and start anew with a clean slate!"


I'm not questioning it though. I would like to enjoy this positive vibe that I'm having while it lasts because I know that it won't.

And so, what does 2007 bring and what do I hope it will be? I do hope that this year will be more memorable than the last. This year I resolve to be happy and content and to accept the life that I have. I resolve not to begrudge other peoples' good fortunes. I admit last year I did feel that way a few times.

I resolve not to ask "why?" too much.

I hope to become less cold and less cynical somehow. I'm not sure how to do this yet. It is quite likely that I won't be able to pull this off.

We'll have to see.

At the end of this year, I hope I can say that I did well.

Cheers to the New Year and may all our hopes come to pass.

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