Wednesday, June 13, 2007


... The stupid power window in my car has finally failed. It happened at a very bad time too.

I was driving early yesterday morning and it started to rain. Usually, in the morning I drive with my driver side window down since it's still too cold for air conditioning.

So when it started to rain, I pushed the window button up. There was a loud "thunk" in my door and the window glass pane fell back into the door. Halfway in actually. So there I was with the rain and lack of window while I was driving in rush hour traffic. I tried to jiggle to window back straight but I got more thunking noises and the window got stuck even more.

In the end I had to find a place to pull over and yank the glass back in place with my bare hands. Good thing it didn't break.

I was late for work too. And a little bit wet on a cold morning.

How inconvenient. Now I have to find a place and time to fix the window. I hope the motor isn't broken.

So there, after 4 years my Proton power window finally failed. All things considered, that's not too bad. Proton power windows don't normally last this long. I just wished it didn't fail while it was raining.

In other news, yesterday I talked to our medical assistant again about claims for my visits to The Doc. Still no go. Looks like I'll be paying for that myself. Disappointing news but not entirely unexpected.

That's ok. That just means I can't impulse buy anything for the next few months.

I'm also really, really getting into Oblivion. I started a test game recently where I created a cat (Khajit) thief. It's fun to skulk around stalking people and head shooting them with bows and arrows and back stabbing.

Oh yes, Khajits can also naturally see in the dark like a cat which is a hugely unfair advantage.

I intend to play this thief as a proper thief i.e I will break into shops and houses and steal things. Heehee.

Should be fun. Most of the time I play good characters when I play RPGs.

So far it's been a really decent week.

Lastly, on Monday evening this really pretty girl talked to me out of the blue and offered to share her umbrella. Stupidly enough, while we were talking about the bad weather and walking towards the carpark in the rain, I forgot to ask her name...


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