Friday, April 20, 2007


Yesterday, America's latest school shooting had everyone in the office talking about it. Especially about what made the shooter do it. They were also very surprised to learn that psychological ailments aren't covered by the company.

Not many people knew that apparently.

I also noted another thing. Many of my colleagues don't really know much about psychological disorders. They don't really get the fact that it is an illness. Like flu, except that it affects one's mind and soul. That was how I described it anyway.

I don't blame them for not knowing though. Not many people know to be fair.

I still haven't went to the doc yet. Apparently, he was on leave and is only coming back to work tomorrow. Also the doc's office told me that his schedule is full. I'm calling in again tomorrow to try set up an appointment. Even then, the nurse told me that I might not be able to get one anytime soon.

It's rather frustrating. Here I am trying to be proactive and it's not really happening.

If I can't get an appointment within next week, I'll just drive down there and see whoever they have available at that time. I could sit and wait but in my experience if I sit and wait, that's all I'll end up doing. Sitting and waiting.

I'm done with that thank you. Ain't getting any younger and everyday I can feel the life flow out of me.

I suppose I could try the government hospital but that would mean lines of people and more waiting around. Still an option though. If worse comes to worse, I'll take it. We'll see what happens.

Considering the current delay, it's a good thing that I'm actually feeling really good this week. This act of taking action has given me quite a lift.

Still hoping for the best and hopefully things happen soon.

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