Friday, October 28, 2005

No Time To Blog Today

Too many games to play!

I've got Quake 4 and Football Manager 2006 to go through.

Quake 4 is very, very nice. Nice graphics, nice sound, nice levels and nice story apparently. I'm halfway through I think.

FM2006 is also very, very nice. It's very nice because now my players have more personality. They have their physical stats (height and weight) so it's easier to imagine them. Many player profiles come with pictures.

During a match, I can shout instructions to players while the game goes on. Also, during halftime, I now have the option of conducting a team talk where I tell the players that they suck, or not.

All very interesting, but if you're not into football (soccer) it's hard to get in to.

I suppose I'll be playing the next few days so there might not be any blog entries. Just as well, I'm feeling kinda burnt out with work and writing actually.

I was thinking about going out, but my parents are using the car to go to some church function. They asked me to go, but I'm not really keen on church functions (no disrespect to church people).

Tommorow night, I have an engagement dinner to go to. For once, it doesn't fill me with dread. I guess I'm over the whole relationship thing. About time too.

I might post tomorrow night if anything interesting happens.

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