Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Shorts

Since my brain is still mush, I will refrain from writing long, long entries where I will get confused by the second paragraph.

Instead, I will write short things like the last time.

Actually, I do have many things I feel like I could comment on. Stuff like politics and religion and the like. But these things just piss me off. Suffice to say that regardless of what politicians say, I won't believe it until I see some kind of physical manifestion of their rhetoric. Especially around here.

I still believe that many local politicians don't know what's really happening in real life, otherwise they wouldn't keep talking about things that don't matter. Also, some of our politicians are well meaning and believe in things like fair play for all and meritocratic practises, but are being hamstrung by their grassroots supporters. That's the thing about democracy. It's a popularity contest. That means that if they are enough dumbasses in one political party, they will eventually vote for a dumbass and a sensible politician will be forced to pander to them lest he be voted out. Even if those dumbasses want to promote agendas that are dangerously racist....

Anyway, to the fun stuff.

I was doing my blogrounds just now and found some very cool sites, courtesy of Lainie. Who is always so cool like that.

Please go and check out Starship Dimensions. Very cool.

And Laws of Japanese Animation. Very, very funny. Having friends who are huge anime fans, I'm sure they have other rules they can come up with.

Do you have friends who drive like maniacs and think they are invulnerable or immortal. After visiting Ogrish (Warning: Extremely Gory and potentially disturbing) and Wrecked Exotics, they will not think so anymore. After all those pictures, I guarantee a speed reduction of at least 10km/h of their average speeds.

Also, Ogrish contains images from things other than car accidents. Like pictures of what happens when someone gets shot in the head by a .50 calibre rifle. Can you say eeeewww? Guaranteed to make wannabe terrorist assholes think twice about signing up.

And in some military news, the M1 Abrams main battle thing is undergoing a modernisation programme known as TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit). The funny thing about this "modernisation" is that some of the things have been done before. Like during the 1940s. Things like skirting and the external phone box? All been done before. I guess everyone just forgot how useful skirts are against things like man portable anti tank rounds. And the phone? I took it for granted that all tanks and armoured vehicle are supposed to have it. I read somewhere that part of TUSK is also the re-introduction of the CASE round. It's like shotgun cartridge, only bigger. It's a good idea, since shooting a man using a HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) round is kind of excessive. Kinda reminds me of Mechwarriors LBX cannon.

Anyone who knows military history will know that things get forgotten like that.

And in yet more mil news, I think the XM-8 looks fascinating. The XM-8 is the rifle that is slated to replace the good ole M-16 in the US armed forces. Check out the pic, looks very sci-fi eh?

That's for today's shorts. I'll dig up more interesting things next time.

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