Sunday, August 14, 2005

Da Island

I wonder. Has blogging lost its allure? Yes it has.

At least this week. Or was it two weeks.

I have been too busy. I barely have any time for myself. In a way, its a good thing. Being busy means not having any time to get depressed or sentimental or anything like that.

So to make up for that, I've taken an extra day off next week. That means I work for two days only. It's time to spoil myself. I wonder what I should buy....

Despite being too busy and too exhausted, I did find some time to go out with Bernard, Ivan and Rin last night to watch The Island. Last night was quite funny. Initially, Rin told me that the plan was to watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Apparently they didn't tell me that there was a change of plans. So there I was in the theatre expecting to see Johny Depp's mug in a funny hat. I got Ewan McGregor instead.

I thought, ok maybe this is a trailer or something. I sat there 10 minutes before I realized that we were indeed watching The Island. Then I thought, maybe we went to the wrong theatre. I looked at the others and they looked pretty calm, so I just kicked back. I didn't really mind what movie was playing. The important thing was that I was out of the house and away from work.

It was the end of the show when I finally asked,"I thought we were supposed to watch Willy Wonka?" Apparently, Willy Wonka was showing a bit late so they decided to watch The Island instead.


Anyway, about the show. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Many, many years ago I watched a nearly identical movie about clones who didn't know that they were clones. In that one, the winner of the "lucky" draw got to go to "America" instead of The Island. And the ending was very sad. Apparently, that movie was called Parts: The Clonus Horror. Ya, very B-like title.

One reason why I liked The Island was the more positive ending. I liked the story and the cast was pretty good, featuring Ewan McGregor (who spoke in a Scottish accent at one point. I liked that), Sean Bean in his regular bad guy role and Scarlett Johansson. She was good in Lost in Translation and good here too. I think she looked reaaally hot.

Overall, the movie is quite good with a fair amount of action, all done without taking itself too seriously and without too much CGI to detract from the story. I recommend it.

After watching this, I have very high hopes for the live action Transformers movie if Michael Bay really ends up directing that one.

Aside from movies, the weather today is beautiful, courtesy of the rain from the last two nights. No haze at all. Which is good. I remember the 1997 haze all too well. I remember the API being 800 and visibility being less than 30ft in broad daylight. It was bad.

Of course being the stubborn bastard I am, that night I went out with friends while the rest of the city cowered in terror in their homes

I don't miss the haze at all.

For those non-Malaysian people who read AFP's over excited coverage, the current haze isn't that bad and it didn't shut down the entire country, contrary to what some news articles have been saying. We're all fine here.

It's almost time to go home. I'm going to enjoy my break. Next week, we'll see whether blogging will be alluring again. And I need to bring my camera out. Hopefully the clear weather holds.

Have a good Sunday.

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