Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Have Not Done

Two things I haven't done lately.

1. Have not changed blog template despite wanting to for the last two months.
2. Have not uploaded any new pictures. Or any old pictures for that matter. In fact, I haven't taken any new pictures recently.

What I have been doing is entertaining myself with things like:-
1. Bad Star Wars captions. Courtesy of Raven.
2. Engrish!! One night me and Rin were at the computer when we decided to check out what's new at We laughed so hard, we had trouble breathing.
3. Darwin Awards. If at any time you feel stupid, read stories from here and realize that they are more people stupider than you.

I've also started to play old games again. I'm currently playing Rome:Total War. I might reinstall Mechwarrior Mercenaries and Ghost Recon next.

Last night, me, Rin, Jerome and Gette went to Dennis' Place. For once, I didn't order something with chocolate in it.

Apart from work, things have been quiet lately. After this week, I hope things will get back to normal. I'm seriously rest deprived right now.

Regular picture taking and blog posting should resume by next week. Hopefully. Now I need to think of something exciting/interesting to write about.

Current Music - Nervously, Pet Shop Boys, Behaviour

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