Monday, March 22, 2010

Regular Stuff

Between work, hanging out, gaming and Facebook there isn't time to blog much. To think I used to be so wordy. This is one drawback of figuring things out. I could write about what I figure out but I don't want to be preachy.

Things are a lot quieter nowadays. Even in my head.

Anyway, I've been playing Dragon Age: Awakening. It's great. I kinda wish it was longer. Not much to say here. Not much changed except things like new enemies, new companions, new items and of course the new story which was pretty good. In a nutshell, Awakening is simply more Dragon Age. Definitely a good thing.

I'm also playing Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising. This expansion changed a lot of the game. I played the original campaign after finishing the expansion one and a lot of things change. It really feels different. More enemies attack you in the missions even the ones from the original game. Some maps have respawning enemies until there are so many you fight none stop and it feels like you get overrun. And more wargear. And Chaos Marines are pretty cool. Really looking forward to another expansion.

In other news, I'm thinking about buying a PS3 at the end of the year. Its cost is almost reasonable now. Almost. RM1280 for the 120Gb slim one is still a liiitle too much at the moment. Maybe I should get a used one?

Apart from this game talk, things are just like that. A little blah.

I replaced a tire yesterday. Thank goodness for used tires. If not, I would've had to fork out 180 bucks for a new one.

And talking about money, I'm going to be broke still for awhile longer. I hope things clear up soon enough. Lots of clearing needs to be done.

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