Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I watched Clash of The Titans last week. It was great! Although I do think they should’ve kept the way the original movie ended with the narration about stars and the constellations etc.

I also watched Blood The Last Vampire. Better than I thought. Koyuki is so nice to look at. Something very elegant about her.

And I watched Zombieland. It was great. One of the best zombie movies I’ve ever watched. I hear they’re making a sequel. I’d watch that for sure.

I just noticed the massive gap between the last post and this one. I feel sort of sorry about that. I wish I have more stories to tell. These days, I’m actually amazed at how prolific I used to be as a blogger.

If I were to write more often, a lot of it would be about games. Not many people want to read about that. I could write about them intellectually, ala Kotaku or those other gaming websites. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a writer especially when I’m not unhappy or wracked with anxiety or other things like that.

Which brings me to something that I thought about last week. I was driving in heavy traffic and was looking around. I suddenly had a question. Of all these people around me, how many of them would be able to say for certain that they are happy?
I do wonder. How many people are happy and how many are miserable? I don’t know about happy but somehow I can imagine quite a number of them are not so happy. Why? Just a hunch I was getting.

Am I happy? I don’t know to be honest. I feel many things. Relief would be one of them. Especially when I remember things that I used to get involved in. I had a less than ideal past.

Boredom would be one of the things I feel too. I am kind of bored. Not very bored. Just sort of. But again when I remember things, I’d take boredom over any number of bad emotions.

I guess I’m just going through the motions at the moment.

Strange thing happiness. So simple an idea, yet it causes so much misery during the pursuit of it. It’s the greatest irony.

So how happy are you then?

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