Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black Powder

Ever since Facebook appeared, blogging as a whole as gone down hasn't it? Some ways social networking sites provide that instant gratification that blogging once provided. I definitely feel that way regarding my own blog.

Earlier this month, I had a pretty busy time at work. I'm relieved it's all over. I'm hoping for things to remain slow. For awhile anyway.

Been playing Napoleon Total War. It's great. The Total War series keeps getting better and better as it goes on.

I finally got a new hard drive last week. A 500Gb WD one costing a mere 180 bucks. So I no longer have to worry about space. For awhile It also means our other computer at home has more space too since I moved my 200Gb IDE hard disk there. All my music is in one place again.

There is not much to say at the moment. Things are pretty calm. I suppose life could be better in some areas but overall things are ok.

I'm still thinking about making some changes. One or two weeks will decide that.

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