Sunday, March 09, 2008

Will You Listen Now?

The verdict is out. The people have spoken. They will no longer tolerate bullshit. You can no longer push them around.

So now will you change? Will you still tell people to shut up when they complain? Will you still accuse people of disloyalty when they disagree with you?

When people ask you why will you tell them now instead of telling them not to ask?

Will you finally respect when respect is due? Do you get it that intimidation and veiled threats no longer work?

Will you still treat us like idiots? Do you still think we're deaf, blind and dumb?

BN has paid the price for arrogance and over confidence. I say they deserve it.

So how about here at home. I know many people in BN. Most of them are sincere and hardworking. Some... are not.

Let this be a sign. A warning if you will. Tread carefully else the same thing will happen here.

Are you listening?

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