Saturday, March 08, 2008


Anyone who's been hanging out with me for the last few months would know that I've been talking incessantly about getting a new notebook for myself.

Well, guess what. I finally went and did it this evening.

I got me a Dell Inspiron 1420.

I've been stalking notebooks almost daily for the last 2 weeks in view of buying one. The stack of pamphlets and quotes in my room will attest to that.

I checked out everything I could find. Acer, Lenovo, HP Compaq, Fujitsu, Asus, NEC, BenQ, everything.

I almost, almost bought a HP Compaq V3000 series notebook just a few days ago. Very competitive spec. AMD Turion X2 CPU, 1Gb RAM, 250gb hard disk, RM2599. I very nearly got it. In fact the only thing that stopped me was the short installment period. I didn't feel like paying 200 plus a month. Of course, I could just charge it to my card but something didn't feel right... So I left the shop with just some quotes and brochures.

Just as well, because I show up for work on Thursday evening and what do I see? A new HP Compaq V3000 series notebook...

Don't know about everyone else but I don't fancy owning something I have at work.

The chances of getting a good deal on a notebook were looking rather slim. I didn't fancy anything else because the specs weren't very hot and the prices were a little too high for most part.

Even from Dell. Dell's been rather poor the last few weeks. Every day I visit and nothing really good. None at all.

Until this evening.

I was talking to my colleague about the elections when he idly punched up the Dell website. What we both saw was so compelling I went ahead and ordered one.

Here's what I'll be getting for RM2599.

Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 1.66Ghz proc
MS Vista Home Basic
14.1" Truelife display (1280x800)
Espresso Brown colour kit with 2Mp webcam (no extra charge)
2Gb RAM (free upgrade from 1Gb)
160Gb hard disk (free upgrade from 120Gb)
Dual layer DVD writer (free upgrade from DVD\CD-RW combo drive)
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi catcher
6 cell battery
8-in-1 card reader
Targus wireless mouse (free!)
Earbuds (free!)
Free delivery

I wanted to get one in red but Gette has a red 1420 already... Yellow and white are nice too but yellow looks like Asus and white looks like MacBook. Pink? Too feminine... Ditto for apple green. Blue was kinda blah. And black is also blah plus it's a finger print magnet.

So brown I went.

Notice the amount of free stuff? This notebook is easily worth RM2800++ if I had to pay for all the extras. Ok to be honest I don't care so much for the mouse and earbuds but the RAM and hard disk upgrade alone is worth a boatload of cash.

So there it is. Pending payment confirmation and assembly I expect to have this by the later half of next week. Expect pics and review.

What do you think? Sweet deal eh. Want one too? Better hurry.

Offer expires on Monday...

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