Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Internets Makes Me a Sad Panda....

... and long cable is looooong. And broken in the middle. That my viewers is the source of my internet woes the last few days. Apparently, my dad discovered the break this morning. There's this long telephone cable running into the house from the outside and that cable was broken. So no internet.

I was at Starbucks last night but there was no internet there either. The airport Starbucks got extended. It's quite nice.

I need to post this home because later this evening I'll be playing instructor at work with the new boy. So no time to blog probably.

Tis the election season and this time around, I'm actually a registered voter. Unfortunately I won't be able to go and cast on the day because of work. No big lost though, in my area (Petra Jaya) I got no complaints against our PBB reps and PKR has next to nothing going for them. My other friends are quite busy the last week helping out with campaigning activities.

If I were to vote I would in all likelihood vote for Fadillah. Why not? He's done nothing wrong and everything is running in my area. He hasn't said anything racist or sexist. He doesn't strike me as being a bigoted moron. So no problem.

I don't agree with what the government say. I DO look at the candidate. I WILL NOT support a moron or a bigot or a religious extremist or a racist regardless of what party they represent. If people remember what happened this last few years there are a LOT of those types in government.

PKR? I feel sorry for them but there you go. Anyway, it's always been my opinion that people in rural and semi rural constituencies need to vote for BN. They need to. BN has the money and plans for development. There's still too many people struggling to make a living outside of our towns and cities. They need help.

As usual the battles will be in the urban areas. I hope DAP will be able to at least maintain their presence. I don't trust DAP fully but I do sympathise with some of their views and as far as I'm concerned they are the only viable opposition party in the country. The others? Not so much.

The BN government will probably win again but I hope their majorities will be reduced. Like it or not, they need to see that they did mess up a lot of times the last term and they need to see that they have to improve.

For one thing, I find some of the things going on during this campaigning period very annoying as usual. Like personal attacks. And how some voter concerns are apparently "petty" and "unimportant". No sirs, no such thing as petty concerns when you talk to voters.

Are my concerns petty? Am I being "disloyal" and "ungrateful" when I laugh at and get pissed off that some of the things our MPs say and do?

I want more transparency. I want reps who won't act like morons. I want more liberal policies for media and culture. I want something to be done about the Arabisation that's slowly creeping into our way of life (thankfully this phenomenon isn't very prevalent here in Sarawak. Yet.) I want less of the immature sniping and trash talking between politicians. I want the PSD to STOP using quotas when hiring people. If there are little napoleons who get in the way of the selection process and still hire people based on their race/religion, I want these people sacked. Not transfered. I want the government to not just ask people not be pissed off with them but actually go down and find out WHY they are upset and do something about it. I want a more efficient and better educated Police Service.


My final comment is about opposition's claims about lowering prices of fuel and goods. Gimme a break eh? It's impossible to go against market forces. Not without wasting anymore tax money on subsidies. So no, I don't think they can pull it off if they form the government.

That's all I got to say about politics at the moment.

Finally to make up for the long delay between posts and to lighten this one, I bring you a video review of the amazing Polystation 3!!!

Have a nice day.

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