Monday, March 10, 2008


Comment I left at Kennysia.

"Zam is a bitch and he deserved to be thrown in the gutter.

I'm pleased for this result. Let this be a warning to all the BN survivors especially our home MPs.

Now let me get something off my chest.

I'm sick & tired of listening to leftists noobs and wannabes calling Sarawakian and Sabahan voters stupid lah, blind lah, naive lah... Stop it la. This kind of crap only reinforces my feeling that orang Malaya don't have any idea what our political scenario is like...

Firstly, if people want us to vote for opposition insulting us isn't going to help. Funny isn't it, many opposition supporters feel insulted when government called them names and yet here they are doing exactly the same thing and calling BN voters names...

The average Sarawakian voter for the most part have no reason to vote their SPDP/PRS/PBB/SUPP MP out. To them, their MPs have done well enough at the Federal level.

The issues that riled up so many voters in Semenanjung don't have the same kind of effect here. To your average Joe Sarawakian, Hindraf, Bersih, racial tensions, all those things are Semenanjung problem. All alien. It sounds wrong but that's the truth. You go to places like Serian and Lundu and Sri Aman etc and you go ask what people feel.

Not that they don't care but for most part our own MPs aren't directly involved in these screw ups. The effects aren't felt here at all to be honest.

Another reason is the near total lack of a coherent opposition except for DAP in urban areas. PKR here is mostly seen as an outsider trying to force itself on Sarawakians. What they need is strong local leadership who bring up issues that affect Sarawakians and not some generic thing about change like what they did here in Petra Jaya. That's not good enough to swing voters.What we need is strong, home grown opposition.

Sarawakian political scenario is different. The average Sarawakian voter is different. The opposition needs to tackle us in a different way.

Our issues are different, mostly land issues and things like nepotism and lack of transparency as well as national issues like prices of goods and fuel. These are mainly state government issues. The time and place to vent isn't now. Let's wait for the State elections for that.

The main culprits at Federal level are MCA/MIC/UMNO. None of these parties contest here so no swinging angry backlash. Therefore BN wins, except in Kuching which is cool. Congrats to Chong, DAP Sarawak and supporters. KUTGW.

Let me say something else. When the results started coming, I smiled. I smell opportunity for Sarawak in Parliament. Sarawak BN now have 30 MPs coming. BN has 130+ seats. Sarawak BN now make up a quarter of that. Plus MPs from Sabah East Malaysia suddenly has half the hall to ourselves.

You know what that means? That means that we can be more demanding of the central government. We can ask for more and they will be less UMNO members around telling our MPs to wait and wait and wait... Now Sarawak has more power at Federal level. What will happen? Wait and see...

I'm going to meet with my PRS friend and make some recommendations. Maybe we can turn the current situation to our advantage and squeeze the Malaya BN.

So friends, strangers, I know this is quite a euphoric time for many of us. But please, the next time you feel like accusing Sarawakians of being blind and stupid, think first and ask WHY we did what we did..."

To all opposition supporters, I'm pleased for you all and the election results. But let me give you a tip. If you want Sarawakians to join the band wagon, please refrain from calling us stupid for returning BN to power. We have our own reasons for that. More accurately, we didn't have any real reason to vote our BN MPs out.

Continue to call us stupid and rest assured, we will continue NOT to support you in the next elections.

PS: The post was about the blogger hating, stuttering (former) Minister of PropagandaDisinformation Information losing . This result was the second best thing about the elections behind our favourite Indian dinosour Semi Value losing in Sg. Siput.

Viva le unemployed-female-bloggers-who-are-agents-of-Jews/US/Israel-who-apparently-earn- 100k-a-month.

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