Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wanting New Stuff

Last night we were hanging out and I mentioned a particular song that appeared in a particular episode of South Park. When I went home, I looked the song up and found it on Youtube.

Here it is, Let's Fighting Love from the episode "Good Times with Weapons". It's quite funny.

I just finished downloading Gundam Seed right before I left for work. I'm still thinking about what to download next. Talking about the various videos that I keep, I've been rather busy with them. I'm also running out of hard disk space. But that's my fault really, I have so much data it takes ages for me to housekeep.

I think I'm going to download South Park episodes next. And the South Park movie. Or another Gundam OVA/series. I don't know yet. Or some other thing. I'm sure there's something out there that I'd really like but am forgetting about right now.

This last few days I've also been playing WoW. I'm happy to report that the lag is completely gone and everything is stable. I hope the next Streamyx hiccup won't happen very soon. That's the sad thing about Telekom, service interruptions are always a when, not an if.

I also moved our router outside and secured my wireless access point with a WEP key. That will prevent other people from using my connection without my knowledge.

I helped a friend upgrade his PC. Biostar AM2 board, RAM, AMD Sempron 3000 AM2 CPU, GeForce 7100 PCI-E graphics card. Total around RM950/-. I also realized that there's quite a lot of new technology out there that I'm not so good at. I'm a bit rusty.

The next day, I went out and bought a 80Gb SATA hard disk because we discovered that his current 20Gb hard disk is not big enough for all the stuff that he wants to put in the PC. Good thing I managed to set up the hard disk properly the first time I tried it. I've never set up a fresh SATA drive before.

Very rusty.

I'm thinking about changing my own hardware the end of the year. About time I get on the SATA/DDR2/3000+ CPU bandwagon. This is going to be expensive. A new PC, literally. This will also enable me to retire our old Duron 600 that my dad's been using. My current rig will replace that one.

It'll be nice to have 2 very capable machines in the house. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.

Anyway, I think I need to save up over the next 2 months. The new machine is going to be a monster if I can get the kind of spec I want.

In other news, nothing much is happening. Life is quiet and routine. Not much excitement or drama of any kind. Which, despite my natural inclination to complain about it, is actually yuite nice.

That means I will be updating at my current infrequent rate.

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