Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flavour of the Weak

I managed to find some time to cull my Blogroll. Perhaps now I should find some time to edit the links list. I have other online places I go to nowadays.

Last week, I finished downloading all 50 episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny. Watched 8 episodes so far. It's bloody awesome, every bit as good as Macross was. I'm also halfway through watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam DVDs that I borrowed. Also good, but I feel I like Seed and Seed Destiny more, perhaps due to the more contemporary, polished, sharp anime stylings of the Seed series. The original Gundam style of anime was the typical one for the 80's. Storywise, it's hard to pick between the two. I like both storylines.

I'm halfway through downloading Gundam Seed now. Should be done in about 2 days. I think I'll try to download as many of these things as possible. And by the way, does anyone know where I can get the entirety of The 08th MS Team? I am very intrigued by its sypnosis.

Yeah, this Gundam thingy is my latest flavour of the week. And it's been great fun so far.

And talking about downloading and stuff, the lag that I've been having in World of Warcraft has corrected itself. It's back to normal now and I can actually play it. It's been ok for the last 2 days now. I ran some tests and it seems there was some trouble with Telekom's international gateway which seems to have been dealt with. I'm relieved.

I'm getting off work very soon. Which is good because I'm very exhausted. It's been a hard week.

In other news, I read this entry that Kenny wrote. The interesting thing isn't the entry itself, it's the comments.

Relationships are in essence, simple. But is it really? It's supposed to be about trust and mutual affection and commitment. It should be so, but I guess it's not strictly that anymore. Love is tainted these days. I'm not sure if I want it anymore and now I'm not really sure if it was that way all the while. Perhaps it is pure only to those who aren't jaded yet, or those who are young and innocent?

To me this is a vindication of sorts of my decision to go on an indefinite relationship hiatus. I don't need that kind of headache right now.

To think, I used to be so eager to get involved in one...

Anyway, tomorrow I go and buy computer parts for a friend and build him a new PC. That's always fun to do!

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