Friday, August 25, 2006

No to Theocracy!

We're quite close to National Day as Malaysians would know. It is a time to remember and celebrate and revel in the fact that so far so good, the country is doing quite well inspite of the best efforts of some people to ruin it.

We are still a work in progress like I said before. A lot still needs to be done. Nevertheless, I think if we common people (as opposed to blundering, out of touch, old policy makers) live and work right, our country is in pretty good hands.

And yet, sometimes I worry. I read this very disturbing article in the Star just now. I also read a counter article here. There's good and bad news here.

I'm frankly sick and tired of the attempts of some people to turn this country into a sub-district of Saudi Arabia. I get even more sick and tired when I read that some people consider non-Muslims, non-Bumiputeras as threats or aliens.

That will never work. This place will never be a theocracy. And no, I don't buy the bullshit when people say that "other religions will thrive" when one religion provides the basis for law. Yeah sure, these people will let some thing they consider a threat to "thrive".

Yeah right. Sure.

The problem isn't religion. It is with people. A theocracy will not work because of people. History has proven again and again that a person with too much power will get corrupted by that power. Even worse is when that power is considered coming from a divine source, when they get this delusion that their will = God's will. When men think they represent God, shit happens.

That is why I won't support any idea of a theocratic Malaysia regardless of what religion it is based on. Absolutely not.

Get this bigots. Twist and turn anyway you like, but Malaysian society IS multicultural, IS plural, IS made of people who are not exactly the same as you and who have different faiths from you.

You don't like it? Too bad.

In other happenings, Kuching will host the 49th edition of the National Day celebrations. While we do that, I would like to remind people that on 31st of August, 1957, Malaysia didn't exist yet.

Malaysia was officially born on the 16th September, 1963. I say this not because I'm looking to be a nuisance to officialdom, but rather as a reminder. Too little has been said about this. Much too little. I read the papers these last week or so and I've only seen 1963 being mentioned ONCE.

That's not right. That day is equally important especially to us Easterners because in 1957, we weren't in yet.

Please also remember that Singapore was expelled from Malaysian on the 7th of August, 1965. This too is part of our history, albeit a sad part. This too, is not mentioned enough.

Anyway, enough of that then.

In other news, my RX-178 Titan prototype Gundam Mk. II 1/100 scale model kit arrived yesterday afternoon. It's sitting in my room right now, unbuilt. It's very complex with a hell of a lot of tiny, little parts. I'm going to consult with my model building friends before I begin to attempt assembly.

It's going to be great and I can't wait to see the finished model!

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