Sunday, August 13, 2006

Funniest. Engrish. Ever

I know it's not the most politically correct thing to laugh at but bad Engrish can be so much fun.

I found this Livejournal entry and it's hilarious. Later I find out that this is actually an LJ belonging to one Elyse Sewell, who apparently was on Season 1 of America's Next Top Model. I wouldn't know, I don't follow such things.

Anyway, the LJ is a great read and she has a great sense of humour. Not bad looking either.

Well, the haze is back in full force with all around bad visibility especially during the evenings. The haze also causes really warm nights. Not the most pleasant thing. Yesterday I was outside looking at the sky and I wondered, how high up does the haze bank go? If I were to fly a plane, how much altitude do I need to gain before I break into clear sky?

Does anyone else wonder about this? More importantly, does anyone know how high the haze bank goes?

Obviously, I'm bored again. At least tomorrow, I don't have to work.

Tomorrow, I think I'll go out and buy me a Bandai nipper tool. It's for model kit building and hopefully with a proper cutting tool, I can assemble one without those annoying, ugly burrs resulting from improperly cut sprues.

I suddenly realize that some of my hobbies are not very accessible to many people and some people probably wouldn't know what I'm on about when I talk about them. This must make this blog quite boring, at least more boring that when it was a big angst-fest.

Such is the cost of being not unhappy. Have a nice weekend.

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