Friday, August 18, 2006

Hot Nights

The last few nights have been SO hot. By that, I mean temperature-wise. I don't mean warm. I mean HOT.

Last night, after returning from Jerome's house at 1.00am, I took yet another bath. The water was still warm. And tonight is the same.

It's unbelievable, I remember DAYS that are not this hot.

Yes, the haze is back in full effect as every one around here will no doubt see (and feel). It's not really the dirty air that bothers me. I smoke after all.

It's the damn temperature. It's bloody hot. It's such a good thing that I'm working nights the next 2 weeks.

So yeah, it's been rather uncomfortable sitting in my room with the computer on.

I have a public service announcement. Some bizarre news, the kind of news urban legends are made off.

Do you own or use a Dell notebook? If you do, better watch out just in case your notebook is the exploding variety. Yes, it's true. In my work email is an official press release regarding the matter, complete with dramatic photos of various Dell notebooks going up in smoke. Apparently, this explosive new "feature" is due to a faulty battery.

If you suspect that your Dell notebook's battery is one of the "hot tempered" types, go to this link and check the battery serial number. If your serial turns up, contact Dell and they will replace your batt for free.

Despite this, I still say that Dell does in fact, make excellent and competitively priced notebooks and desktop computers. They are really nice, seriously.

No, I don't work for Dell, by the way. It would be nice if I was though.

In other news, I found a great place online to get very good priced Bandai stuff and other collectables, like Transformers. 1/144 High Grade Gundam kits aren't very much cheaper than those in Kuching, but 1/100 Master Grades are easily 25% - 30% cheaper (cost of shipping already factored in).

I saw a Meteor unit that cost RM390+ (plus shipping). Only.

The price difference is even bigger for 1/60 scale. I haven't checked all the other stuff they have. And they have lots.

Unbelievable. Local traders are really making a killing selling at their current prices.

So far, so good, I've been mailing Diamond Comics and they have been very, very prompt in replying my questions.

I think I'll be doing my kit shopping online now. Let's see how my first deal turns out. Incidentally, I've never really shopped online by myself before. The only other time I ordered something online was when I ordered CDs from Amazon on Jerome's credict card.

Online shopping makes me nervous actually. I idea of sending money over the internet is kind of, daunting. At the same time, I'm quite excited.

There are many other things that I would like to write about, but most of it is serious, current issue, controvery related stuff.

But today, I just want to be excited and pleased. So no serious post. For awhile, I guess.

Here's hoping to some rain in the next few days.

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