Monday, February 28, 2011

February Update

Blogging from phone again. I've had this phone for a month now. I come from a time before internet, a time when public phones were cutting edge, when u had to arrange meetings with friends a day in advance.

I know how it works but the idea that can do so much on a phone is amazing..

So, what's been happening in February?

There was CNY. I went fo just one house so nothing much to say there.

I've been jamming with the guys. It'a great but we're not very good yet. My guitar playing has gotten better. But I'm still nof very happy with it.

So much I need to learn.

If I could I want to get myself a bass guitar and a drum kit. I like playing thise too..

I guess that's it. There isn't enough drama and angst these days to use as blog fodder. Still don't want to blog about politics or current events or other people.

Ok, later then..
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