Wednesday, April 27, 2011


No we haven't closed down.

This blog is fast becoming some sort of quarterly publication at this rate. I admit. The desire to blog these days is not very strong anymore. Which is unfortunate.

I've been finding myself being pressed for time these days. There's stuff like Twitter and Facebook, guitar playing, hanging out with friends. There's too much to do suddenly. Or maybe the days are getting shorter? Technically, they are since that big Tohoku earthquake last month. What was it? 0.8 seconds or something.

I don't even have time for gaming much these days. Oh yes, then there's Japanese.

I've started a JLPT course. Classes are on Monday. It's tough but I like it. It's sort of strange to enroll in something purely out of interest. I remember a time when sitting for a double period would bore me out of my skull.

Things are progressing well. I can read kana now. It's really cool to be able to read an entirely different alphabet.

Our instructor is quite nice. Hiroshima native. One of the draws of the course was the idea of being taught by a native speaker. Of course, there's the cert itself.

Talking about courses, I've been thinking about taking drum lessons too. But I think I'm going to KIV that one for now. Too many things on my plate at the moment.

Lately I've been thinking about time and how it suddenly seems to pass by so fast. Then I think about that time before the cure, before being "normal". Being clinically depressed was a blight in my history and to be honest, I regret not dealing with it any sooner. How things could have been different?

Alas, the damage is done. At least life is quite steady now. Things aren't perfect but they'll never be would they? I'm old enough to know that.

So until my next quarterly update...

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